College Counseling

Take the stress out of the college process

Embarking on the college search process can feel like you are shining a flashlight in a dark forest. As college admissions have become more and more competitive, students and their families have gotten increasingly stressed out by the prospect of finding an ideal college. Ramp addresses the college process by coaching the student to present themselves in an authentic way. Taking the time to get a very good sense on one’s academic readiness and identifying interests and abilities can increase the chances that you will find a great school that suits who you are.

Ramp also works with students looking to transfer, re-enter college or take a gap year.

Ramp’s college counseling:

  • helps you assess your academic preparation, activities, interests and abilities in order to shape an authentic profile
  • works with you to research and create a list of prospective colleges based on your overall profile
  • teaches you to understand how to prepare for the SAT and ACT exams (including tutoring in the Verbal sections)
  • helps you manage and organize applications
  • coaches the Personal Essay writing process
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