for College Bound, Career-Minded Students & Their Families

Ramp offers college readiness workshops designed to assess a student's preparation for college-level learning and assist in the college application process.

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Academic Coaching

Tutoring & Academic Assessment

Ramp works one-to-one with students in order to assess their readiness for high school and college, including academic support, bolstering interest areas and preparing for standardized tests.

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College Counseling

Including Private High School, Gap Years & Passion Projects

Ramp's college services are designed to reduce stress by helping the student identify and address strengths and challenges in order to find an optimal college or gap year match.

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Program and Professional Development for Schools & Organizations

Ramp can assist your organization develop cutting-edge interdisciplinary and project-based academic programs, and help staff foster optimal mindsets for teaching and learning.

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The RAMP Education Mission

Ramp Education is a consultancy that works with youth and adults on college and career readiness, including college counseling, gap years, alternatives to college, passion projects and career redirection. Ramp fosters authentic personal growth by supporting the individual’s interests and abilities. Ramp also works is organizations to help them gain new perspectives on individual and organization-wide leadership and growth.

  • holistic college counseling
  • academic coaching and tutoring, including SSAT, SAT, and ACT
  • group workshops for college readiness
  • direction setting for the future
  • reading and writing support; essay writing
  • family coaching for academic, creative and personal growth
  • learning habits and values in individuals and organizations
  • organizational capacity building through professional development workshops

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  • Last fall I was struggling to complete my applications for private high schools. This made me feel really stressed out. John was able to get my head back in the game, and have me focus on what was really important. I had a tutor to help study for my SSAT's, but it was John who went over each part of the test, reviewed every test skill as well as every part of my application with enthusiasm and steady assistance.
    Newburyport, MA
  • Our family of three children has been incredibly fortunate to work with John over a four-year period to achieve many goals, including admission to select private secondary schools, tutoring, exploring alternative academic programs, planning independent study with travel, and time management and study skills for academic demands. John brings a wide range of capacities -- personal, academic, and administrative -- to every endeavor. He works with a high degree of follow through, creativity, and dependability, not in the least, humor to characterize the work process. He succeeds because he crafts, with the parent and student alike, an understanding of the process and the steps required to produce authentic, expressive and unique material in essays, applications, and projects. John is agile in the academic milieu, navigating on so many different levels. He authenticates the child -- never sells. When teaching analytic paper writing, he engenders confidence in the child because they achieve breakthroughs in comprehension. He connects the child to what she intrinsically cares about. His process features working directly with our children to articulate their goals and support the completion of tasks and assignments with thoughtful and accurate reflection. He elicits from them what they actually care about, creating with them, never for them -- engaging to the extent that they are validated and reassured that they can perform to the requirement. This is a very dynamic experience. His methodology is based on building a relationship with families. A bridge is built to the student that is about having fun, and is in fact thrilling for the student to experience.
    Newburyport, MA
  • During my sophomore year of college, I gradually began to realize that I needed a serious change. My current college situation was not what I was looking for and I was struggling to find the right path. Luckily for me, Professor Giordano had been in a teaching and advisory role for me in my freshman year, and I reached out to him once again for guidance. With his help, I was able to diagnose the biggest issues I was facing and create an effective plan to change my learning environment. I ended up transferring to Boston University, a school that fits me both academically and socially. I could not be happier with the result, and I certainly could not have done it without the support of Professor Giordano.
    Hingham, MA
  • John is unlike any teacher or guidance counselor that I have had in the past. He took the time to get to know me. His character is what makes him the best guide one will ever have. At anytime I could walk into his office and see him smiling because John truly cares about the students he works with. He doesn't only want his students to receive good grades, he strives for his students to understand why they are learning a certain topic and how it relates to the course work. John taught me countless lessons and shared many life experiences with me that I will carry with me through life. Whether it be on a paper for his class or an issue I was having at school, John always guided me the right way. To this day I don't know where I would be without him. He truly made my freshman year spectacular. I will forever use him as a resource when I encounter a issue that I need help with.
    Newburyport, MA
  • The kind of relationship that is bonded between a teacher such as John and his students helped me excel as I transitioned from high school into college. John is able to spend quality time with each individual student. He would separately assess where each student was in the learning process, and help that student develop the next step they should take on that task. He treated every student as an individual, and understood that all students aren’t going to be drumming to the same beat. These one-on-one sessions taught me how to take on work at my own pace, and to be proud of the amount of work I was capable of doing. I owe many thanks to John because he helped me develop into the student I knew I was capable of being.
    Barnstable, MA
  • I became equipped through John’s class with the essential skills one needs to be successful in college and further endeavors. Through great attention to detail and rigorous work, I mastered the skills needed for success. I had constant support, which allowed me to thrive during my freshman year. I can truly say I would NOT have had the success I did freshman year if I wasn't challenged day in and day out to not only reach my potential but to push past obstacles.
    Merrimack, NH
  • Working with John my freshman year of college was absolutely amazing. He taught me so much in such a short amount of time. His personality is great, and he really did act as not only a teacher, but a mentor as well. He reasonably accommodates his students with the tools that they need in order to succeed and rise to their full potential, which really helped me throughout the year. John highly encourages engaged discussion, breaking assignments down piece by piece and taking things one step at a time. Even at my lowest point during the year, when I felt like giving up, John was there to help me with my work and motivate me to get back on track. John was by far one of the best teachers I've ever had, and I have a very strong strong feeling that he will leave a big impact on his next students.
    Bedford. MA